Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Olympic 2008 Welcoming ceremony & Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets

Olympic opening ceremony for 2008 Olympic Games started with a modern day drum order by the 2,008 Fou drummers specially trained for Olympic Opening Ceremony.  The LED lights are fixed in the drums and their gleaming drumsticks were lit up by them. The drummers lit their drums to form huge digits to the final second’s countdown to the Games and courier start of the opening Ceremony was 8:08 p.m. local time, in continuance of the 8-08-2008. 
A track of 29 explosive is another of the great Chinese creation of China, in the form of track was let off demo along Beijing city's inner alliance into the national stadium. The firework footprints were set off at the rate of 1 every second, each represented one of the 29 Olympiads, signifying the Beijing Olympics as the XXIX Olympiad of the modern era. Next, twenty Buddhist apsaras of the Mogao Caves were suspended in aerial as they hover near giant Olympic jewels which appear to hang in the stadium each holding 45,000 droplet. 
The Olympics charms were then rise up high upright to show the entire Olympics symbol. Concentration was then bowed to 56 young children on behalf of the 56 cultural groups of modern China. Each was Han Chinese, but put on an ethnic dress. They marched in the flag of the People's Republic of China as a young girl in red, 9-year-old Lin Miaoke was seen performing arts verse to the homeland as spectators heard the voice of Yang Peiyi a seven-year-old. Only one-third of Ode to the place of birth was sung to save time. 
The flag of the People's Republic of China was then hand over to eight stylish People's freedom Army soldiers who approved the flag in a slow, goose-stepping march over to the flag podium and the national anthem of Chinese March of the Volunteers was sung by a 224-member choir while the flag was lifted.
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