Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony in London

The Queen open the Olympics second time in her 60 year life. Execution of the Queen, who in his film acting debut alongside James Bond star Daniel Craig-in. Bradley Wiggins added the Rowan Atkinson and David Beckham to the British talent and sense of fun presents. 
Law islands and the miracle that has developed at the opening ceremony of the Oscar-winner Boyle celebrate all things British chart history of the country: It started with calls for a huge bell-cycling hero Wiggins, the Tour de France win last week, England. Cyclist Wiggins was wearing a yellow jersey from the audience cheered. The stadium was turned into a green and pleasant land of hills, and peoples enjoy a Cottage Living Life as an ideal version of the British, including 12 horses and three cows, two, 10, 10 chickens, ducks, geese, nine, 70 sheep and three shepherds appeared, the first scenes. Shattered Peace in the annual industry sprouted in the soil with a high-banging. 
A cast of hundreds swarmed to the center of the arena as a dark, dirty, an Urban Landscape, and huge smoking chimneys rise from the ground. Suddenly everything came to a standstill when the silence and revealed in a poppy field in order to pay tribute to those who have died in war. A tribute to the NHS featured musician Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells play and Harry Potter author JK Rowling read by JM Barrie Peter Pan. In another sketch comedy Rowan Atkinson in Mr. Bean's character creates chaos as Sir Simon Rattle, the theme from Chariots of Fire. 
Sir Paul McCartney performed Hey Jew, as the audience waved flags and sang along with him. In keeping with tradition, Greece led the Parade of the 205 national teams competing in the games. As the host team GB brought up the rear, led by Sir Chris Hoy, winner of three track cycling gold in Beijing. Shortly before the show began, the Red Arrows flickered across London in an exciting flyby, leaving red, white and blue trails of vapor. The world-famous RAF aerobatic team flew over the capital at precisely 08.12 - 2012 on the 24-hour clock. First Lady Michelle Obama and the Queen in The opening ceremony took place before an audience of 62,000 including Prime Minister David Cameron and U.S.  At the end of the three-and-a-half hours spectacular Her Majesty declared the games open, the Olympic flame was lit. Secret was surrounded, who perform the ceremony, with Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Roger Bannister and Daley Thompson all tipped as a contender - but the honor was given to seven talented young athletes. 
Another secret was kept fixed, as the torch will make its final journey from the town hall until the Olympic Stadium. The surprise was that it was former England captain David Beckham, who was shown driving a speedboat with a young Arsenal women's soccer player Jade Bailey, past Tower Bridge. The stadium burst into cheers for Beckham, who missed out on a place in Team GB football team. The show was of those who traveled from all over the world to have been blessed to see it. The ceremonial cauldron was lit by seven young British athletes. 
American Bill Howells, 48, from Oklahoma, said: It was definitely one of the best opening ceremonies for the Olympics. Javier Gonzalaz, 26, from Guadalajara, Mexico, said: "It represented Britain in the best possible light and showed the rest of the world what a proud country this is. After the ceremony, Boyle tweeted: "I just want to take a moment to thank everyone involved tonight, couldn't have worked without you. Thank you, thank you so much. Before leaving for east London, the Queen and Prince Philip held a reception for foreign heads of state and VIPs at Buckingham Palace. She told them: "To me, the spirit of togetherness is a most important part of the Olympic ideal, and the British people can be proud of the part they have played in keeping the spirit alive. 

Many sports played in these Games have their historic roots in this country, and as a nation we have an abiding passion for sport, as well as a tradition of fair play and a good-natured sense of fun. The transport network was said to be running extremely well as crowds flocked to the opening ceremony. Earlier, thousands of people lined the River Thames to cheer the Olympic torch as it made its way across London from Hampton Court to the Tower of London. There was also a part in the show for fictional movie nanny Mary Poppins. Bells rang out around the UK to mark the final countdown, among them London's Big Ben who chimed non-stop for three minutes from 8.12am. David Cameron said Britain was ready to welcome the greatest show on Earth", adding: "This is a great moment for our country, so we must seize it. Gonzalaz Xavier 26, of Guadalajara, Mexico, said: "It represents the UK at the best possible light, and showed the rest of the world, what a proud country that Boyle tweeted after the ceremony.
I just want a moment today to thank everyone involved in the evening they cannot work without you, Thank you, and Thank you so much before he left for East London, the Queen and Prince Philip at the reception of foreign heads of state and VIPs at Buckingham Palace. He said to them. "For me, the spirit of togetherness is a very important part of the Olympic ideal, and the British people can be proud of the role played by the spirit alive. Played a lot of sports games that have their historical roots in this country and as a nation we have an abiding love for the sport, but also a tradition of fair play and good-natured sense of fun. The transport network is running very well, as crowds flocked to the opening ceremony. Earlier, thousands of people lined the River Thames and cheer for the Olympic torch as it makes its way to London to Hampton Court and Tower of London there As a part of the artistic nanny Mary Poppins movie for the show. Bells tolled across the UK, and the Final Countdown to celebrate, including Big Ben-London non-stop 3 minutes on the clock sounded at 8.12. David Cameron said that Britain is ready to welcome a great show on earth, "and added," This is a great moment for our country, we need to.
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Friday, 20 July 2012

AR. Rahman in Olympic Opening Ceremony

Olympic Opening Ceremony music Great Singers will be show there talent AR. Rahman on of them. Allah Rakha Rahman was born 6 January 1966. AR. Rahman is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist. AR. Rahman is going to Perform in Olympic opening Ceremony in London Olympic Games 27 July 2012 at Olympic Stadium London. 
AR. Rahman is the worlds most famous and prolific composer of film work is characterized by its integration with the sounds of Western classical music, electronic music, world music styles and arrangements of classical music.
 He has two Academy awards, two awards, a BAFTA's decision, the national film awards, four Golden worldwide tariff and tariff fifteen Movie Awards, including prizes awarded thirteen films in many other awards and nominations to his extensive work in film and theater earned him the nickname of Mozart in Madras and several Tamil commentators and fans have coined the nickname Jesse Puyal. Rahman on Time's 2009 list of most influential people in the world music magazine Songlines UK based International named him one of the world's musical patkerikneri Branch in August 2011.
 AR Rahman's work in the Hollywood director Danny Boyle - this time not for a song with the London Olympic Games opening ceremony, and music maestro reveals there is a Punjabi song, which celebrates the influence of India in Britain. Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets for London Games are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.
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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Maria Sharapova in 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Olympic Opening Ceremony for 2012 Olympic Games Held on 27 July 2012 in Olympic Satadium London. Maria Yuryevna Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987. Maria Sharapova is a Russian professional tennis player including Olympic Games. As of July 9, 2012 she is ranked world #3 and is the only Russian player in the top 10. She was selected for Olympic Games 2012. 
Residence in the United States from 1994 Sharapova 27 WTA singles titles including four Grand Slam titles won. She also won the year end WTA Tour Championships 2004.Naisten Sharapova tennis club in the world's No. 1 single in five times, she was the world's No. 1 for the first time 22 August 2005 and re-ranking fifth in the 11 June 2012. She had a record seven Grand Slam finals to 4-3 in the Tennis. Maria Sharapova of Russia's will became first female Olympic Games flag-bearer of London before World Olympic Games. She is the NO.1 player who is in Florida during the tennis season; the team conducts the opening of Stratford, 27 June. 

Sharapova broke Naming and games, but the Russian Olympic Committee is satisfied with their decision. Sharapova our flag is a candidate worthy of all our athletes in June, he announced his fourth Grand Slam. Since the Russians, as well as the USSR was the first time in the 1952 Olympic Games, athletes from the tradition of men known as the Greco-Roman wrestler Alexander Karelin and swimmer Alexander Popov offers. 

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Zara Phillips attending Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012

Olympic opening Ceremony big personality's will come to See in London. Zara Phillips wills also attending at the opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Zara Phillips has said previously that he would rather prepare for participation in the Olympic Games opening ceremony in London in 2012. 
But this weekend, granddaughter of Queen still busy training schedule can be found in his room until the baptism of a baby niece to go. The three-month-old Isla Elizabeth Phillips is 13 in line with the change of generation after her sister Savannah, and the daughter of the Queen's eldest grandson, Peter Phillips and his wife in the autumn. Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall MBE 15 May 1981, usually as Zara Phillips, the second child and only daughter, Anne, Princess Royal and her first husband Captain Mark Phillips announced, and 14 born coach in succession to the throne. He is married to former England rugby union player Mike Tindall, but had his name for professional purposes, which is based on having no more than their wives Tindall. He has 14 Place a line in a row and 16 of the field, Mrs. Michael Tindall driver, who won the World Championships in Aachen in 2006, Phillips listed on the variation. 
He collected the individual and team gold medals at the 2005 European Versatility in Blenheim and individual gold and team silver in the World Equestrian Games in 2006, Fei Aachen, Germany, he was the dominant Eventing world champion in 2010, although the team gold in the European Championships 2007 in Italy, versatility, they could to call their own success and the rest phase of the problem of competition. For 2012 Olympic Games Buy Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets form Sport Ticket Exchange.