Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Olympic 2008 Artistic Performances and Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets

Olympic Opening Ceremony for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. A small picture was display depict the making of paper in Beautiful Olympics, another of the 4 Great creations, ending with a rolled up scroll painting to set the stage for the next segment. They performed a dance while leaving their trails on the block of white paper, reminiscent of Chinese ink and wash art. 
This was accompanied by the sounds of the guqin, China's ancient 7-string zither, as played by Chen Leiji the LED scroll then showed an old, rare painting by Wang Ximeng. The next section saw ancient terracotta soldiers and Chinese opera, followed by a Beijing opera puppetry performance. The Wusheng type of Beijing opera performers was also enacted. A female dancer dressed in Tang-era clothing entered, suspended by a rectangular extension held by hundreds of artistes. On the giant LED screen was a depiction of the ancient Silk Road. A performer holding another great Chinese creation, the scope, in its ancient form a metal spoon floating in a fluid suspense vessel, danced in the center of the giant LED scroll that showed images of sailing junks and maps of Zheng He's seven voyages. 
The next segment featured Kunqu, one of the oldest extant Chinese compositions, with two opera artists, a man singing and a woman accompanying on a guzheng. Another male performer then painted on the scroll painting with a Chinese brush in front of several guzheng players and stretched skyward, with the artists dancing to the ancient tune Chunjiang Hua Yueye, as pink and orange sparkler were set off overhead. Then followed the modern segment where pianist Lang Lang and five-year-old Li Muzi performed a melody from the Yellow River Cantata They formed the bird's nest shape of the Beijing National Stadium. When a young girl flew a kite - also a Chinese invention - above them in mid-air, the performer’s lights flickered in an intricate pattern. A Taijiquan performance by 2,008 masters showed the fluid movements accomplish when in synchronization with nature. This was followed by red and orange fireworks in the form of smiley faces. The legislative body from the 56 ethnic groups danced a vigorous folk dance. 
They established martial arts while combine to form geometric mass human formations. A skit was shown with schoolchildren drawing and coloring on the paper scroll and chanting poetry. These were the same children representing the 56 ethnic groups of China. They symbolized a Green Olympics Opening Ceremony. As their succession drew to an end, the giant white paper was lifted upright to reveal a drawing of mountains and waters with a smiling face as the sun. Then, there was a light presentation showing brightly-colored flying birds, signify the rebirth of the phoenix and the bird-nest arena. The next section was an extraterrestrial performance and the entrance of astronauts symbolize Chinese space exploration, with a gigantic, 60-foot, 16-tonned ball structure representing the earth. There was 58 acrobats fall over right side up, sideways or upside down on its surface, which was then transformed into a giant glowing Chinese lantern. The Chinese singer Liu Huan and British singer Sarah Brightman, stood on the central podium, sang the Olympic Opening Ceremony 2008 theme song that was You and Me. Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets for London Olympic Games is going to held at 27 July 2012 in Olympic Stadium London, UK.

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