Monday, 4 June 2012

Orchestra in 20112 Olympic Opening ceremonies

Olympic Opening Ceremony starting on 27 July with big musical and Dance Events. London Symphony Orchestra musicians in their activities will mimic the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London, because the live performance will be very risky. 
The shape and the Olympic Stadium and the weather is concerned, the work of the recording played during the show, six weeks, the players go through the proposals, apparently against the wishes of Danny Boyle, the artistic director. The news triggered a controversy by Lin Miaoke was a nine year old girl who mimed the song of the opening ceremony in 2008. 
Beijing Olympics because his voice was not enough time in seven years, which was considered insufficient Yang Peiyi's voice, is beautiful. The decision was criticized by members of the orchestra.The LSO is one of the best orchestras in the world, and we ask Pantomime before a global audience of billions, named musician of the mail on Sunday, the spokesman LOCOG: Due to the complexity of implementation stage of the ceremony, there is no live music for everyone can be an Undo.
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