Sunday, 29 April 2012

2004 Olympic Opening Ceremony and 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets

Olympic Opening Ceremony for London Olympic Games starting from 27 July 2012 in London. Olympic opening ceremony for Olympic Games in the summer of 2004 was held at August 13, 2004 the Olympic Stadium in Maroussi, Greece, a suburb of Athens. 72,000 spectators attended the event, and about 15,000 athletes from 202 countries participating in this event is the first international transmission of high definition TV, Japanese TV station NHK, and received from NBC. 
The 2004 Olympic opening ceremony began with 28 seconds countdown 1 - instead of second place in the Olympic Games in Athens as the first modern Olympics held recently in an enhanced heartbeat sounds in the stadium, one of two drummers, the which is designed to monitor the stage of the Ancient Olympia Stadium,
 the locale of the ancient Olympic Games: A blazing bullet, apparently from the ancient stadium of Olympia on the screen, landing in the flooded field. By Dimitris Papaioannou the event "a pageant of traditional Greek culture and history was harkening back to the mythological origin and progress of Greek art. 
The dramatic music with performances is often accompanied by traditional Greek bouzouki percussion sound.

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