Wednesday, 28 March 2012

2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony Rehearsal & Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets

Olympic Opening Ceremony is the fist Event of Olympic Games and Opening of all are announced. Olympic Opening Ceremony is the highlight of the Olympic Games. Opening Ceremony originated from Ancient Games in Greece and has evolved over centuries.
One of the top classical Chinese dancers in China, Liu Yan three-meter high platform during training on 27 July 2008, and severe back injuries in the six-hour surgery was paralyzed suffered, despite the deputy director Zhang Jigang adequately secured Liu wrote in the program name as a leading dancer. 
After visiting the hospital in an interview with Liu Yan, director Zhang Yimou, "I'm sorry for Liu Yan, my heart full of pain, I deeply regret: Liu Yan, a hero who sacrificed much for the Olympic Games, for me, since it opened. "in short, after the opening of the earlier media interview, Zhang regret many things and many more, this performance is anything I can do better. For example, the implementation of which had been damaged. 
I blame you for it. South Korea's Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) filmed secretly trying for the opening ceremony for the violation of the prohibition of its parts and leaked by the Committee. The video is uploaded to YouTube on 30 July 2008, but immediately deleted after the upload, but a couple more videos uploaded by others. Committee survey unauthorized movies, and 6 August 2008, SBS cameras allowed in the stadium during the ceremony, as retribution for me.